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Pull Swtich, like K0153 træksnor for Nurse Call

Pull Swtich, like K0153 træksnor for Nurse Call

HWF Serie

Fuga Wall Mounted Pull Switch (Part No:216)

Pull Swtich, like K0153
for Nurse Call


  • Slim Profile Wall Mount
  • Good Pull Click feeling when pulled
  • Many tyeps of conduit boxes (LK Fuga)
  • Easy to mount (LK Fuga)

Back Connections

  • 1. Recurrence In-
  • 2. Call Out+
  • 3. +24V


W50mm x H50mm x D30mm


Parameter Data
Pull Force 320g
Recurrence Input- Current 20mA @ 24V
Call Output+ Current 10mA @ 24V
Product Certification IP40

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