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Date: 2021-02-09
Updated: 2021-04-22
Author: Erik Leth Danielsen
Convert Access database to SQLite database Framework 2.0

Convert Access database to SQLite database Framework 2.0

Many companies uses a Access database it's a single file database from Microsoft
Microsoft Access was the goto database, you got with the Microsoft office pack.
But when many companies are moving to Linux They need a open source database there can do the same
The Most Widely Deployed and Used Database Engine is SQLite it's the database there are everywhere 
in all mobile devices.
Example my homepage was running ASP with a Access DB now it runs nodejs with SQLite DB.
So I needed a tool to convert my old access DB to a SQLite DB.

Test Software

Solution written in .Net:
First I needed a dll for SQLite, Found this example:
see YouTube How to use and connect Sqlite in a C# 
code main project 

Preferred Version SQLite- from  
This is the newest Version sqlite-netFx20-binary-bundle-Win32-2005-  !Error Lock up
This Version doesn't work with SQLite Ver3. SQLite.NET.0.21_x68_dll 
Download complete code:
I have made a Converting tool
it also contains SQLite-\bin\System.Data.SQLite.dll
Complete Code VB.Net
To Run it \SqliteTest\bin\Release\SqliteTest.exe
Press the ConvDB Button select the access DB file, it will output a SQLite DB file in the same folder.

The program also contains 
1. SQLite DB Test

2. ADODB interface for SQLite is used in my software 
so I just can import ClsADODBsq.cs and replace the ADODB in a old project.

3. ADO Access vs SQLite Benchmark (access=63mS vs sqlite=16mS)

To view code open \SqliteTest.sln in .net

Admin Tool
YouTube SQLite: The Database at the Edge of the Network with Dr. Richard Hipp
YouTube SQLite with D. Richard Hipp
ADO Data Types
DB-Engines Ranking

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