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Date: 2020-03-14
Updated: 2021-02-05
Author: Erik Leth Danielsen
Virt Manager Qemu Kvm

Virt Manager Qemu Kvm

Virt Manager view on my linux debian server

Virt Manager KVM (kernel-based virtual machine)
Is a open source tool for running other machines on your linux server, windows and linux.

I'm using it for running my old windows 7 pc. and doing test on other operating systems.
Virt Manager is a user interface for maningen QEMU running KVM
KVM's runs nearly native performance, so I can work on my windows 7 machine as it was installed on it's own hardware.
Instead of writing command line for QEMU which is difficult, you can use Virt Manager to create the command line for QEMU.
Install Virt Manager on Debian Linux
sudo apt install virt-manager
QEMU(short for Quick EMUlator)
Is a command line open source virtuel mashine emulator like (Virtualbox),
When you install Virt Manager you automatic get QEMU
Wiki: QEMU
Wiki: KVM
Additional image manipulation resize qcow2 image size
Beware, Shrink the disk partition first with Windows Disk Management see 2.
Some Examples:
sudo qemu-img resize /home/virt/images/eldwin7.qcow2 +20G
sudo qemu-img resize /home/virt/images/eldwin7.qcow2 --shrink -10G
sudo qemu-img resize /home/virt/images/eldwin7.qcow2 --shrink 60G

Convert will copy and compress the image to minimum size, and then it will grow when it need more space.
It can also be used for converting from other formats
sudo qemu-img convert -c -O qcow2 eldwin7.qcow2 eldwin72.qcow2
Windows Spice Guest Drivers and vdAgent for clipboard sharing
All Drivers:
vdAgent only:
Remember to Add Channel:
Virt Manager:
Virt Manager:
What is QEMU:
Gaming Virt Manager:
Add LXC Contaner:
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