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Date: 2016-04-13
Updated: 2016-10-25
Author: Erik Leth Danielsen
Solving AVRDUDE USBasp error signature 102

Solving AVRDUDE USBasp error signature 102

I have bought a cheap 2$ USBasp 6pin ISP AVR programmer by ebay from
at the start it return a wrong signiture 0x000102 when i was trying to program a atmega88pb running at internal 8Mhz rc osc.

AVRDUDE warning : Can not Set sck period . usbasp please check for firmware update .
The resen was that the clock was to high, and the china software didn't support avrdude -B parameter
(Info. It worked if i made a short between pin PC2 to GND Slow SCK, but that was too slow.)

1. Get the newest firmware package from USBasp main page (ex usbasp.2011-05-28.tar.gz)
   it includes:
    a. A sch over the USBasp pcb
    b. Firmware intel .hex file for the atmega8,atmega88
    d. Driver for windows i'm running windows7 64bit
2. Solder a wire from isp pin5 to reset pin on the processor se image,
    Later i found out short circuit jumper J2 will do the same.
3. Connect a other isp programmer i had a ISP-MK2./ Power the USBasp by it's usb connecter from a pc.
4. Update the firmware with the .hex file i used avrstudio 5 programming tool.
5. Remove the wire.
6. Run a test using AVRDUDE
ex. "avrdude -c USBasp -p m88pb -B 3"

Now the signature is OK 0x1e9316

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