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Date: 2020-03-13
Updated: 2020-03-13
Author: Erik Leth Danielsen
Data Folder Structure

Data Folder Structure

File Manager view on my linux debian server /home folder

Before moving my windows machine over on linux i needed to move all data so the windows image was as small as possible
I shared /home/data with Smb Samba Share so it could be accessed over the network.
Read: Smb Samba File Sharing

In my Windows 7 pc, all data was located in c:\Doc
I just moved \Doc over the network
to the /data folder on my linux server /home/data/Doc

So now if I run my Windows 7 pc
I can access my Doc folder by changing c: to z: z:\Doc

My Structur
All linux mashines have a /home directory where eatch user have a folder (my user "eld")
my idea is to keep all data in this folder so it's easy to backup all the important data
therefore i have added 3 directories to the home folder

/data 'This is used for company data shared by Samba Share so all useres windows linux can access it.

/virt 'The data used in KVM / Virt Manager
  /virt/images 'Example "win7.qcow2" complete disk image for my old win7 pc
  /virt/isos 'Directory for operating system Example linuxmint.iso

/wine 'The data used for running Windows Programs i winehq combability layer
  /wine/notepadpp 'Just an example

I set up these Permissions
sudo chmod 777 data -R
sudo chmod 777 virt -R
sudo chmod 777 wine -R
sudo chown eld wine //set user


Linux File Structure:
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