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Date: 2016-06-29
Author: Erik Leth Danielsen
MC01 Demo Board ATmega88pb/ATmega328pb Hello World

MC01 Demo Board ATmega88pb/ATmega328pb Hello World

My goal was to make a simple board so i could learn my brother's kids to program a microprocessor,
i could also use it for testing simple cirkets and learn to use USB on a avr.


Dimensions 70mm x 50mm
Mounting hols 3,3mm 60mm x 40mm

Schematic (Sch):

1. Processor 1$ ATmega88pb
2. Connector (JISP) for ISP Programmer USBasp at ebay
3. Wire Wrap Connectors for PortB(JPB),PortC(JPC),PortD(JPD),PortE(JPE),+5V(J3),GND(J4)
4. USB Port for easy Power from pc.
5. Future test of V-USB
6. Future RS232 Interface By mounting U2 J2
7. Future Crystal (X1) for running orter frequences, Standard is 8MHz rc Osc

Software Hello World:
Written in Avr Studio


 * test.c


 * Created: 29-06-2016 08:00:42

 * Author: Erik


#include <avr/io.h>

int main(void)


    DDRB  = 0b00000000; //Set PortB To Input

    PORTB = 0b00000000; //Disable internal pullup


    DDRD  = 0b11111111; //Set PortD To output

    PORTD = 0b00000000; //Set Port D low





    return 0;


After the software is written,
Set Device to ATmega88pb,
Run Build, it produces a intel .hex file,
This is programmed into the hardware by Avrdude
Command line-> "avrdude -c USBasp -p m88pb -U flash:w:swdavr.hex -B3"
Through USBasp ebay Through (JISP)          

Get 2$ USBasp 6pin isp programmer at ebay
Get ATmega88pb at Digikey
Get Avr Studio
Get AVRDUDE - Download -
USBasp main page
AVRDUDE Tutorial
If problems with USBasp
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